How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

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How to Verify Your YouTube Account

 How to Verify Your YouTube channel

Verifying your youtube channel is an important stage to go through to begin your new channel on YouTube. So, Let’s check the following steps:

1-      Buy Domain  Org – net – com

2-      Get your first 100 000 subscribers on your channel.

3-      Create Google Plus  Page  and add name and photo of your channel.

4-      Link your domain with youtube channel   and  verify it by google webmaster.

5-      Add valuable description for your channel.

6-       Visit this link

7-      Write

–          Your name

–          Your  father name

–          Gmail

–           Link of your youtube Channel

8-      Write this paragraph

–          (Hi youtube i’m interested to get my youtube channel verified ,and i think my channel deserve it ,thank you.)



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