YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

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YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

Assuming that you made your YouTube channel, do you think your work is done?

Actually, you just did a small part of the job.

The next step is to rank your videos.

Ranking your videos is crucial and can be done by providing a valuable, viral content, logo and many others.

Here, we will offer you a list with top 15 tips to help you rank your videos, so please let’s check:

1-  Create logo and cover for your channel.

Yes, these are essential things to give a good impression for your viewers.

The users will see the logo and the cover when he first reach your channel, so let him feel that you are professional.

2-  Create good content & HD quality .

The viewers are coming to your channel to discover new things, so provide the with a valuable content and a high HD quality to impress him and encourage him to come again.

3-  Make viral videos with Eye-Catching Thumbnails.

Your videos must be interesting and easy to share by your audiences, so focus on bright colors and eye- catching thumbnails.

–     1280×720 thumbnail view

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

4-  The title of your video should be at least 5-words long

Use a long title to tell your visitors what your videos are talking about. Avoid short titles as they won’t give a clear idea.

5- Write a meaningful description of video.

Focus on meaningful descriptions:

–        Use long tail keyword

–        Add keywords by Keyword Tool

–        Include your keyword 3-4 times

–        Make the description at least 250-words

–        Add your link on top of the video

–       Write Super-Long Video Descriptions

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos
YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

6-  Write 15 Tags related to your content.

Use a lot of tags, as tags will help the users find you faster.

7-  Create Keyword-Rich Playlists.

Keyword-Rich playlists are essential for ranking your videos and the whole channel as well.

8-  Share by Embed Video on blogger.

Yes, you need many sources for sharing your videos.

Try to share these videos on Embed Video blogger to get more visitors.

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos

9- Share video on  Google Plus + Twitter + Facebook , Get Traffic by share.

Why not? Use other platforms like Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to share your videos.

10-      Using these types of keywords

Certain keywords are used a lot by researchers, so use them as keywords. Focus on such keywords:

–        How-to keywords

–        Reviews

–        Tutorials – Diy  – Tips – Funny videos

11-      Count for Like + views duration+ Comment

Like, duration of the view and comments are so important to rank up the video.

12-      Add header links to your main website and social profiles

13-      Submit url video to google   webmasters

Submit urls of your videos on Google Webmasters to rank your videos and get more visitors.

14-      Submit url to Bing

Submit urls of your videos on Webmasters and Bing to rank your videos and get more visitors.

15-      Share on bookmak  site here

Sharing on bookmark can be very beneficial for your channel, so don’t waste this chance.

16-      Closed Captions CC

Closed captions CC are an amazing feature to use for ranking your videos.

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